TIMESMORE from ‘Times More’
’Times’ is a multiplier and ‘More’ signifies addition.

We aim to multiply and add to your company’s vision, values, wishes and needs.
As a service.

— Kristel De Prins

Our company is built on strong foundations. We aim to share the house, but also our values.

  • Tradition. The tradition of the house but also the tradition of rendering service, genuinely. 

  • Sensory hospitality. A welcome feeling through all the senses.

  • Achievement. We are all in it to succeed in our goals. 

  • Intuition. We've all achieved a lot by letting our instincts take part in our decisions. 

  • Enjoyment. What good would it all be, if we can't enjoy it ?

The team



Kristel De Prins
Founder and Managing partner since 2006


Ann De Jonge
Member Relations


Julia Kampf
Assistant Management


Thibault Rouma
Digital Marketing Support


Kamal Absy
Sales Manager


Natasha Fischer
Interior Design Project Manager