TIMESMORE from ‘Times More’
’Times’ is a multiplier and ‘More’ signifies addition.

We aim to multiply and add to your company’s vision, values, wishes and needs.
As a service.

— Kristel De Prins

Our company is built on strong foundations. We aim to share the house, but also our values.

  • Tradition. The tradition of the house but also the tradition of rendering service, genuinely. 

  • Sensory hospitality. A welcome feeling through all the senses.

  • Achievement. We are all in it to succeed in our goals. 

  • Intuition. We've all achieved a lot by letting our instincts take part in our decisions. 

  • Enjoyment. What good would it all be, if we can't enjoy it ?

The team



Kristel De Prins
Founder and Managing partner since 2006


Julia Kampf
Assistant Management


Natasha Fischer
Interior Design Project Manager


Kamal Absy
Sales Manager